Language Fun

The prime time for learning a foreign language is in the early years of childhood when a young child's mind is exceptionally open to language acquisition. That's why we've created a Spanish and Chinese program for children. After School Learning Tree, will introduce children to the thrill of learning a new language.

Spanish and Chinese Introduction Program

In developing After School Learning Tree's Spanish and Chinese Programs, combined educational research with feedback from parents, teachers, and center directors. We included the most important elements from all of these sources to maximize both educational effectiveness and key developmental skills. Your child will delight in: Learning familiar Spanish or Chinese greetings; colors, numbers and terms for family members, body parts, clothes, pets, and farm animals; Practicing Spanish and Chinese by talking to the teacher and other children; Learning in a fun, relaxed manner with music, rhythm and movement, games, puzzles, and picture cards; Discovering the Spanish and Chinese culture through books and stories.

Spanish / Chinese Literacy Program
The literacy programs contain multiple levels and children will pass to each new level after an evaluation based on several criteria (performance, attendance, participation, knowledge of the language, etc). Even though we know that learning another language can take many years, we expect our children to finish Level 5 and be able to write, read and express themselves in Spanish or Chinese.

Children will begin with our Beginners Level, where no prior knowledge of Spanish / Chinese language is necessary. We will teach children new vocabulary and emphasize on oral expression. Once the child graduates from our Beginners Level, children will be progress to Level 1 where they will learn how to read and write Spanish / Chinese.

Any suggestion in other language? Let us know. We will consider offering a new language program based on need.